Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Elijah Concepts

I had hoped to have posted more this month, but at least I have ONE blog. Maybe in July I will post more (if I can get through my artist woes!), but for now I would like to post up some concept work of Elijah that I did for my graphic novel. It took me awhile to come up with the character design of Elijah, but one of the initial things I did was to read Scripture and see what is revealed about Elijah's personality and what sort of impression I took away from the Word. I wrote down in a notebook a description of his personality and how that would be portrayed in his appearance. I saw Elijah as having a quiet, but intense presence. I saw him with a disheveled appearance, a man who is used to solitude and living alone. I saw sadness in his face as well, yet with much wisdom that comes with it. As I began to develop him, I thought of different characters to sort of inspire me on my way. Probably the persona that came to my mind instantly while thinking of Elijah was the actor Jeremy Irons, especially in his role in The Mission.


His character really exemplified what I was going for in Elijah. I really like Jeremy Irons acting, style, and voice (haha!), and I especially love his portrayal in The Mission as a Jesuit priest whose heart was to save a tribe of South America. The way he was in that film really portrayed the serenity and power of a man sent on God's mission and I wanted to capture some of that spiritual strength in my design of Elijah. Such a beautiful film, by the way. 

Some other examples of inspiration include Severus Snape from Harry Potter and Joseph Fiennes from Luther. 

From there the character design of Elijah developed and I did a few sketches to get a feel for him. I have here all my design sketches of Elijah, save for one, which is one of my favorites and my very first sketch I did of him. I hope to incorporate it in my graphic novel somehow so for now I won't be posting that one. 

The above is my front view/side view sketch of the character which I can refer to as I am drawing. 

The above sketches are the further developments of his character, some of them unfinished. Haha. And despite the serenity and powerful presence I was wanting for his character, I also wanted to show the anguish of his heart, particularly in prayer and discourse. This is a man, afterall, who ends up mocking and slaughtering hundreds of prophets! 

This one my scanner was unable to get the entirety of the drawing, but this is my final sketch that I did. I wanted to really capture Elijah in his fullness of personality and to really bring life to his face and eyes. Once I was satisfied that I accomplished this, I stopped sketching. I am very much prone to overly perfecting my work and getting lost in the details of drawing technique. I am trying to loosen up and get the concept down immediately because first impression matters very much in concept design. If the foundation isn't correct, then no amount of talented rendering is going to fix it. 

I hope to have more for you all next month. For now, I hope you enjoy these!


  1. Oooh awesome! I love the whole idea of using Brother Gabriel as a reference too. The drawings are so great, I can't wait to see more of this project! :-D

    1. Thanks! Hehe. Yeah, I knew you would like that. ;) I especially loved that shot of him praying! I am glad I found that one.

  2. My sister is deep. This makes her INFP-sister very happy. :-P
    My sister is awesome, people. Just say it. Shout it from the roof-tops!