Saturday, August 18, 2012

Elijah: A Preview of My Graphic Novel

As promised, I shall now post an epic preview of my graphic novel! I debated back and forth what to show, and I decided to show less than I had originally wanted to because I am still in the process of designing the graphic novel as a whole. There have been a lot of changes I have been doing as I have gone along and there will be more design changes in the future as I try to make the graphic novel cohesive in design.

Without further ado, here are some images from my graphic novel!

Cover Design

                 Title Page


Panel Color


Cover Design: For this piece I changed a lot of the back cover. The previous design I wasn't happy with because I had this vision for something much bolder and graphic. 

As you can see I had the scripted font with the bold letters in the back, but it just wasn't a strong enough statement. In this new version, I kept the bold font in the back, but added the fiery touch to the "J" in the name. I was very pleased with the final results! I then added more grunge texture as well as a "synopsis". I thought it would be helpful for the readers to have some background of where this story is starting from. So, my back cover doubles as a synopsis and prologue at the same time. 

Title Page: This is my very first sketch I did of Elijah and where his character design came from. I wanted to incorporate it into the graphic novel and continue with my sketchy and illustrative theme. 

Panel: Yay! Finally, something to show you from the actual pages. In the very beginning of this process I had thought doing the whole graphic novel in color. Once I started applying color, though, I thought it was just too much. I really appreciate minimalism when it comes to using color. I always limit my color palette whenever I do a piece and I knew that is what I wanted for this graphic novel. I decided to have a few key pages, probably around 5 or so, that will be in color and all the rest of the pages will be done by pencil. It will, in the end, make a much bolder statement and put emphasis on key points of the story. I just added some texture (my signature staple) and viola! 

Panel Color: Here is the example of a colored panel. It is a red, early morning and Elijah is going to meet with King Ahab, the false prophets, and all of Israel. In this piece, as it is very common in Asian works of art, I kept the composition minimal. The focus is on Elijah's face as it is set towards the work he is called to do. The deep, red and orange colors really stand out against the other tones of the piece. A lot of what I am trying to symbolize is the opposing forces of the people involved. The crooked branches, a snake in the dried bush, contrasting colors and character positions are all what I use to show this contention. It is that feel that you get in old westerns, when they come out at high noon to duel. I will really bring this concept out as the tension escalates and the day passes on within the story.

Last Panel: Another example of the art panels in the graphic novel. This is where they all meet up and the stage is set!

Enjoy this preview of my graphic novel and look for more updates in the next several months! I am going to be pretty busy, but my new goal is to do the next five or six pages over the course of September and October, God willing!

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  1. Amazing!!!! I can't wait to see the printed version soon!