Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Random Musings with Sketches

Well, here the end of June is drawing nigh, and I haven't really done what I had set out to do. I desired to move into full throttle with my work, and I sort of lost the steam of inspiration. That sometimes happens. It isn't that I haven't been working, of course, but I had set out with certain goals for this month and didn't accomplish them. So, the best thing to do when one has lost inspiration is to start drawing trees and lithe faerie women! This recent piece (pencil, color pencil, terracotta pencil) is another concept of my own take on the character Persephone. See posts here and here. I was kind of inspired by a book I recently purchased, Brave: One Perfect Day. It is a children's book illustrated and written by men who worked on the actual film, Steve Purcell and Matt Nolte. The book is gorgeous to say the least, the illustrations rich and full of movement, and I decided that I wanted to draw something pretty too. Thus:

Persephone and the Pomegranate Tree
I kind of love trees . . . a lot. And pomegranates.
I can also post another sketch I did this month. I posted it on my Pintrest, which I would remind everyone to follow if you have a Pintrest. In the future I hope to post more and more of my work on there and I will be posting sketches that might not make it into a blog post, so please check it out if you want to keep up with my latest work! Anyway, as far as this sketch, it was done after a visit to Tonto Natural Bridge here in Arizona. It is a lovely place where the elements carved out a cave/bridge into a small canyon. If you venture inside, there are pools amongst the slippery stone and water rains down from the ceiling. It is very surreal. I thought it would be a perfect place for a nymph sighting, one of M. Night Shyamalan's Lady in the Water nymphs most likely.

In good news, though, I've been working on my graphic novel again! I'm excited about that. My goal is to really focus on that the rest of this year, and maybe begin promoting it next year as well as finishing it. We will see. In another good news, I've been doing a lot of work on The Sting Chronicles, which actually is taking most of my time these days. We have now debuted three episodes of the Youtube webseries, and I believe they are excellent. The writers, Alexis Johnson and Radcliff Weir, have done exceptional work and it is really quite clever. Probably one of my favorite aspects so far is the relationship that's developing between Ethan Harper and his half-sister's husband and refrigerator repair man from New York, Tony Russo. If you haven't been watching, you must. The gruff, New Yorker whose all about the Yankees rubs the nerdy, but earnest Ethan the wrong way. It's hilarious. At any rate, I've been really enjoying the whole experience. Here is a concept piece I did for the show recently, showing his fashionable superhero getup.

Well, I think that is enough random musings. I'll keep myself busy with my pencil in hand and you can check back here in July where, hopefully, I'll have some more updates on my other projects. :-)

He makes everything beautiful in its time . . . Ecclesiastes 3:11


  1. Ooh, wow! Lovin' the color in your Persephone sketch! Beauty! And even though I don't like naked Nymphs, your sketch is still cool. :-P
    I know what you mean about not accomplishing goals you set for yourself. I have been struggling with the same in my writing, but oh well. That is what my recent blog post is about. haha!

    1. Yeah. I might do some more color sketches of Persephone and Hades. We will see. What is wrong with naked nymphs? :P Anyway, yes, we can't always achieve our goals, but it is always about keeping it up every day, little by little. :)

  2. Yay! All awesome work of course! And I love that Persephone drawing, the design is fantastic, it has such style! Keep it up my artiste! Gosh, I need to post my June blogs, I've been bad!!! ~ Alexis (on the Sting's account! lol)

    1. Thank you! I was kind of like wha...? when I saw that it said Ethan Harper was commenting. Haha. Thanks for your comment! I shall keep it up! ;)