Friday, August 9, 2013

The Prophets of Baal

And they took the bull that was given them, and they prepared it and called upon the name of Baal from morning until noon, saying, “O Baal, answer us!” 1 Kings 18:26

I'm pleased to be able to post something of my Elijah graphic novel. With my announcement on my Facebook page of my going to be at the Phoenix Comicon (yay!), I'm endeavoring now more than ever to work on my graphic novel. I intend to do some promotion of it at the Phoenix Comicon in preparation for the end of 2014 release date. Still trying to figure out all the logistics of all that, but for now I have something to share of what I've been working on. I give you the Prophets of Baal:

Art by Kazuto Nakazawa
My graphic novel is inspired by several things, one of the things being Asian art styles, but this piece particularly was inspired by The Animatrix. I finally got around to watching The Animatrix after wanting to watch it for years now. I was a little disappointed that more effort wasn't put into the animation, but overall I thought it was a well done collection of stories. The stories and style are very philosophical and subtle and makes the world of the Matrix very intriguing to me again, but two stories in particularly stood out to me in both story and unique artistry, Detective Story and Program. The first is just hands down my favorite. A Film Noir detective story in the Matrix done in Anime style? Yes, please! I found it was the most artistically clever of all the stories, looking as if it came straight out of a Film Noir, but having the detail and grittiness of 1940s newspaper photography. It was beautiful, and like every true Noir, ends in exquisite tragedy. For my piece particularly, though, the story Program was the most influential. Another great short story about a young woman, Cis, who is challenged by a samurai in whether or not she'll stand with Truth or choose the bliss of
Art by Yutaka Minowa
delusion. It was done very much in the style of the ancient Japanese paintings, with simplistic composition, fluid lines, and minimalism. It too was very beautiful, and I knew that is what I wanted for this piece. Minimalism is already a component of my graphic novel, but for this piece I chose to make the surroundings very graphic, with the shadowy tree and alter, and the blood red sun. This abstraction of the background enables me to focus on the action going on, with the fluid lines coming forth from the alter as three agonizing prophets cut themselves bloody for their false god. It not only brings emphasis onto the bloody scene, but I think the starkness adds to the concept of the falseness of these prophets, who, though go through much agony to call upon their god, receive no answer. I want to be able to express the spiritual dryness and emptiness of the religion of the false prophets in the surroundings as much as I am able, and gnarled trees and empty landscapes will be part of my design. I also like how the tree branches mimic the bloody streaks and trails on their arms. Also, as you can see from examples from Program, having the minimalist backdrop adds to the dueling aspect the story, of protagonist vs antagonist. That was an artistic decision I has already developed earlier on and have further been inspired to develop as I continue creating. Here are some more images from The Animatrix: 

Exquisite movement and powerful composition!
I love it so much!
The texture! The texture! I must always have texture!
I'm also excited to say that I've made my official Facebook page for my graphic novel, Elijah: A Graphic Novel. So, please like my page because that's where I'll be putting the latest news! I'm so excited about everything that is happening with my work. Well, here's hoping my next post will be Avengers-esque!

He makes everything beautiful in its time . . . Ecclesiastes 3:11

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  1. Finally posting a comment!! Anyway, I absolutely love this latest edition. I love the Japanese influence in the style and the use of high-contrast. Elijah in many ways has a Samurai feel to his story so it's perfect for this style of graphic novel. I can't wait to see the completed work!!